12/21 – Day 90: Tweeting

I know this will be a busy week so I am setting aside my online life. I am so addicted to Twitter for the past few months as I checked it first before Facebook. It’s a social media and micro blogging site.

You can tell the world what’s going on in just 140 words. Today I will list the top 10 reasons on why I love tweeting:

1. You can vent out what’s in your mind without considering what other people’s say as they are busy tweeting theirs.

2. You get closer to famous celebrities.

3. When celebrities tweet back.

4. Being updated on what’s going on in this world we’re living in.

5. Simple and easy to navigate.

6. There are quotes tweeted that are worth pondering.

7. Having fun reading Twitter wars.

8. Tweeting your stand on random issues.

9. Direct messaging your friends.

10. The chance to follow and be followed.

For Twitter lovers please follow me at http://twitter.com/chillerspot

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