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02/16 – Day 85: February Issue of Cosmopolitan

Yeah, I am an avid reader.
Yeah, whatever it is in your mind… I am again an avid reader.

Anyways, every month I got something to really look forward to because of Cosmo where awesome and inspiring articles are featured to empower young females. One thing that made this issue irresistible is Georgina Wilson because I really admire not just his beauty but also because she is so brainy. She’s a good role model as she is not just a pretty face but has brains to boot for. I got to read some articles already such us “5 Ways to Shut a Bitch Down” and their stud meter that features Marc Nelson — my ultimate childhood crush. Yeah, I think I started oogling his hot bod and admire his wit, intelligence and love for adventure since grade school. I remembered him hosting Ms. Earth and of course Sports Unlimited. Okay enough of Marc Nelson, let’s go back to my love for Cosmopolitan magazine.

I really want to work in a magazine company and be a layout designer. I am not really into feature writing as I would admit I am just plainly lazy and I am tired of proofreading my works. I am saying sorry for the typo errors and grammatical errors that you may seen in my posts. I am simply blabbing whether people cares or not… I will just simply write what I feel. Okay, now I am again blabbing off track. Fine.

Cosmopolitan Magazine teaches me about how to be fun, fearless and an awesome female. I know for sure the other readers as well can totally relate. Some may think that there are articles that can raised the brows of the conservative ones but if they see it in a more open minded perspective, it’s reality and it really happens but isn’t it amazing that you already know what to do? Oh well, read and be knowledgeable. 🙂

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