02/14 – Day 83: Puppy Love

Since I am so single and I know it… I spent my valentines day at home with my pets which is also beyond awesome. There are choices in life that I need to make and I guess love has never been my priority ever since the world began… So happy single awareness day to me!!!

I am just glad some people remembered and that made me realized that I am not really a loser because February 14 has always been my most hated time of the year. I have my own fair share of crazy stories but it always ends up to a sad ending since I cannot just force those emotions or I always ended up falling for a boy who can never love me back in return — now this is so dramatic and this is not so me! Okay, now I am changing the topic because it is not good. (grinning)

Anyways, I am spreading love and peace to people who are great and has been good to me. I am lucky to hear a good news upon waking up and that somehow I got to redeem my broken ego. This is not something that I really wanted or to die for as I am ready to give up already when it comes to my work. It never worked out from the start and this is not what I really wanted but I just got to live by the moment. Embracing everything that may come my way and always for the win is the best attitude in living a well lived life! 🙂

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