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02/08 – Day 77: Barney

Barney our 13 year old dog just died because of heart attack due to being fat at old age. We just saw him at the side of our front lawn lying. He is still warm when we discovered him while his eyes are wide open. I don’t know how to react even though I want to cry I just can’t and as we try to somehow revive him, I know we were already too late. I already accepted the fact that he’s going to die because of old age since last year. At least, I prepared myself for this. He is one awesome dog who has been with me since I was a little kid. He was there during all of my significant milestones in my teenage years. He has been there since I was a kid, adolescent and up to being a young adult. He is our guard as he looks out for our house whenever we are away and especially during the night. I always remembered the way he looks especially if he shake his hand whenever I tell him to sit and shake hand. I trained him and he never failed me. He has been independent. When we had Riji, Barney didn’t get the attention as much as we have with Riji as he is a spoiled brat. He was never been my favorite dog but I loved him equally with the rest. Barney simply understands and has always been quiet especially in the past years. He don’t like to seek attention too much and rather sleep in front of our house. He used to be the tough dog who always love to eat our chickens and always fight the other dogs. He is indeed really strong and loves to eat ripe mangoes. Now that he’s gone it will be a bit different but I am glad that he was with us for 13 years and through good times and bad — he was just there. I just want him to know that he will always be remembered. I ♥ you, Barney. We all love you. 🙂

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