01/30 – Day 68: Paris Inspired Mini Notebook

Since I started working I decided to live a carefree life. No more planners and organizers, no more sticky notes and random papers reminding me of the things that I need to do. I decided to live my life as spontaneous as possible without worrying if I am right on schedule or if things are going on just as what I planned it. Right now, I make plans but I don’t put too much effort in following it as I know that there are lots of things that happen unexpectedly. I have my fair share of those moments. I tend to be little miss perfect before wherein things that I do and things that I want should really go as what I am expecting them to happen but then there are those little disasters that will make me feel so frustrated and miserable so I realized it is better to loosen up and live one day at a time. I plan but I don’t overdo it and I simply live life each day together with its imperfections.

I got two notebooks as of the moment where I write my thoughts, future activities and scribbles. It is good to know that I have something to write on if I am inspired. This is where my random ideas linger and also it reminds me of my dream place — Paris.

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