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01/24 – Day 62: Travelling

Since waiting in the airport for almost 9 hours is extremely frustrating, I just diverted my attention into some things that are awesome.

I was sitting there thinking about my recent bucket list and how to make one of my goals there to happen. I always tell my friends that I wanted a job that requires me to travel and also to learn different cultures around the world. Worthwhile experiences can surely happen if you are a complete stranger in a foreign place who just wanted to know more about yourself. They say that to fully appreciate something, you need to lose something or somehow try to stay away from it — I think I need to stay away from my comfort zone.

Adventure spells awesomeness! Only few has the courage to take risks and do the things that they want no matter what the result will be. I admire those people who wants to spiced up there lives by doing something extreme and live it by the edge.

My life right now can sometimes be suffocating because of it being a daily routine. I want to do a lot of things but I lack the time. In this stage of life — time is just another luxury that you need to plan well for you to make the best use of it. I plan my life but I am open to different surprises that may come on the way. When I review my life plan, I am just right on track but there are things that I want to happen now. I guess you can never have all that you wanted as it just happens in a perfect world.

I’ve been to several places within the country but it is not enough for me to fully appreciate Philippines and what it has to offer as I was not able to immersed on various cultures yet. After I get so tired of exploring my roots then that will be time that I will venture out on a trip to a country that is a thousand miles away from ours. I want to get lost to find myself and my purpose in life. I may lived by the moment but I still long for the day where I can find solace because after all those pointless searches I have finally knew what I really wanted to happen in my life. God offers a lot of opportunities and you should be wise enough on what to grab and what not. Missed opportunities can also be a good source of knowledge and self realization in the end.

Let me share to you some places I want to go to in each continent:

    – Paris
    – Jeju Island
    – New York
    – Rio de Janeiro
    – Cairo
    – Melbourne
    – Deception Island

Travel if you have the budget and the time as it is the best way to unwind and free yourself from the strangles of your routine life.

Live. Laugh. Love. Explore.

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