01/23 – Day 61: BFF

I am happy to spend my late night walking along Lacson Street with my best buddy/BFF. Since we walked for more than a kilometer we decided to stopped by to a nearest coffee shop and had my favorite iced caramel macchiatto. We spent almost an hour talking about life and how we learn from all of our experiences may it be good or bad. I know that most of the time I am the barkada’s resident psychotic/joker/addict/whatever but that night, I was just simply being the other side of the real me. I can be serious, indeed. It happens on very rare occasions as most people think I am just plainly stupid and vulnerable but the truth is, I can talked about intellectually stimulating things all night long especially if I am with the best people to talk and banter with. Sometimes all you need is someone who is willing to listen and share his own thoughts about your weaknesses and greatness to know more about your capability as an individual and to remind you that you are amazing no matter what.

Friends see your potentials and praise you with all the good things that you have done but only true friends can know if there is something going on even if you don’t tell them as they will just simply looked in your eyes and tell you that there is indeed something bothering you.

I am glad to have great people as my core friends whose friendship had been tested already years after years. Greggy is the best confidante ever. He listens every time and I owe him a lot for listening to my random rants and whines about how my life has been going on, my failed love stories, my frustration on my career and my dreams that I need to sacrifice for my family. Before the drama starts, I just want to tell the world that I have awesome friends and the best BFF in the whole wide world!

No matter what happens, no man can survive his problems alone. Life is awesome because of people who sticks with you through good times and bad, some come and go, some may leave traces and some are lost forever but what matters most are the insights you acquired along the way with them. Thank you friends for being with you, today I celebrate friendship! πŸ™‚

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