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01/20 – Day 58: After Effects

Creepy after effects

I was minding my own business and trying to check Twitter and Facebook today when I decided to take a sneak peek on our window and see what’s going on outside and there I saw the picturesque beauty of the surroundings all in yellow orange. Oh that lomo feel in reality! I tried to go outside, brought my camera and tried to capture some sky drama as what I called it earlier.

The after effects of the sunset is so beautiful. Sadly, I can only appreciate it in rare occasions as I am just too busy that I didn’t notice it; I am at work and busy chatting with my customers and resolving their concerns; or I am just plainly sleeping at home. I was happy seeing the sky so beautiful today and also the melancholic effect of our neighbor’s dead tree that put too much drama in this snapshot. Next week, I will be back in the night shift. I don’t know if I am happy or sad. I don’t really love mornings but for the past 3 months, I appreciated the view of Mt. Kanlaon at the 3rd floor Pantry especially if the sun is at its peak of shining, I loved how the sun hurts my eye and skin while I am riding the bus and how I adore those flowers blooming near the street as I walked to the nearest bus stop. Mornings are really beautiful and going back to being a nocturnal creature is indeed bittersweet.

Oh yes, I love you Mr. Sun… and I realized that even if you already set you still leave a trace of a beautiful memory wherein, I as a person will still look forward to your rise and embrace the darkness with a smile because I know that tomorrow will be another day whether you smile or hide behind those crazy clouds.

Another day has ended, beautifully.

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