01/17 – Day 55: Trust

Trust just like respect is not easily given to someone but it is earned.

I only have few friends who really knows the real me. Apart from being secretive, I am not really the type who shares my life to other people in vivid details. I rather face it all alone since this is my life anyways and I know we all have problems and challenges that we got to deal with.

Behind my smiles, there are stories but it is my option to be happy and optimistic every single day. Only few has the courage to ask what’s really going on or what matters most in my life as of the moment… I don’t care if people care about me or not. I know one’s sincerity, I know whom to trust and they are the ones who deserved a part of my story.

I am lucky to have people whom I can talk to about my life, my frustrations and my dreams.

I am lucky to have people whom I can laugh and cry with.

I am lucky to have guy pals who never fails to make me understand how complicated a guy’s world can be.

I am lucky to have people who never betrayed me and helped me in dealing with my life’s ordeals by reminding me that I am awesome.

I am lucky to gain the trust of my friends, now I need to live the pressure of shutting up until I am told to tell.

Oh well, “I am lucky” should also be changed to “I am blessed” in this blog entry.

At the end of the day, I still want my friends to know that I am trustworthy — as always and will be. 🙂

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