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01/28 – Day 66: Rainbow

On rainbows and daydreams…

After my shift yesterday, I was greeted by a very long and beautiful rainbow painted in the sky just after the sun is about to set. It served as a good sign though. After 3 long months working in the morning shift, here comes Sunday wherein our shift starts at night. I don’t know if I am really super happy or sad but all I can say that it is indeed bittersweet.

I don’t have problems adjusting as I am really a nocturnal person. This past few months, I learn to love mornings and being normal. I go home just like other people who works in government agencies and feel like a student who can still have time for chilling after a long day. Those were the times I appreciate my life more in a different light.

Today, with a lot of plans in mind – I will just try to lived by the moment and appreciate anything. I will surely missed the sun as it sets. Since camera is not really allowed in our production floor, I was not able to capture any sky and sun drama during dusk. I will surely miss the cozy life in the morning shift where you have a lot of time walking, talking and do lots of stuff. You don’t need to worry if other people will logged you off your station just because it is hot seating and they also need stations that can sometimes be start of a heated argument. Oh well, that is life in a call center.

This picture made me smile. Life is good and indeed awesome!
Good bye Mr. Sun! Hello Mr. Moon… ๐Ÿ™‚

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01/25 – Day 63: The Unknown Future

Among all of my frustrations, my career is on top of it all.

I would admit that I am lost as of the moment and I am not even a step closer to my dreams. I don’t even know where to start in reaching for it. Everything was so vague enough that I don’t want to crack my head in simply thinking what my future has to offer and what tough decision I need to make soon.

Having my own “me” time while my friends are taking their nap, I took a glimpse of a city that I never been to. This is the place where the cornerstone of success lies. Great IT opportunities that can unleash my potentials, challenges that can polished my personality and the independence from all the things that’s been strangling my life for the past few years. I don’t regret what I decided before but I am just intrigued of what my future beholds if I choose to take the step in the unknown city soon.

Today, I live to chill. No rush as I try to struggle to love what I have as of the moment. I want to weigh the pros and cons. I want to know what my heart has to say first before I let my mind decide. Sometimes the best decisions are made when your eyes are shut.

I don’t want to worry my life anymore. Carpe Diem!

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01/24 – Day 62: Travelling

Since waiting in the airport for almost 9 hours is extremely frustrating, I just diverted my attention into some things that are awesome.

I was sitting there thinking about my recent bucket list and how to make one of my goals there to happen. I always tell my friends that I wanted a job that requires me to travel and also to learn different cultures around the world. Worthwhile experiences can surely happen if you are a complete stranger in a foreign place who just wanted to know more about yourself. They say that to fully appreciate something, you need to lose something or somehow try to stay away from it — I think I need to stay away from my comfort zone.

Adventure spells awesomeness! Only few has the courage to take risks and do the things that they want no matter what the result will be. I admire those people who wants to spiced up there lives by doing something extreme and live it by the edge.

My life right now can sometimes be suffocating because of it being a daily routine. I want to do a lot of things but I lack the time. In this stage of life — time is just another luxury that you need to plan well for you to make the best use of it. I plan my life but I am open to different surprises that may come on the way. When I review my life plan, I am just right on track but there are things that I want to happen now. I guess you can never have all that you wanted as it just happens in a perfect world.

I’ve been to several places within the country but it is not enough for me to fully appreciate Philippines and what it has to offer as I was not able to immersed on various cultures yet. After I get so tired of exploring my roots then that will be time that I will venture out on a trip to a country that is a thousand miles away from ours. I want to get lost to find myself and my purpose in life. I may lived by the moment but I still long for the day where I can find solace because after all those pointless searches I have finally knew what I really wanted to happen in my life. God offers a lot of opportunities and you should be wise enough on what to grab and what not. Missed opportunities can also be a good source of knowledge and self realization in the end.

Let me share to you some places I want to go to in each continent:

    – Paris
    – Jeju Island
    – New York
    – Rio de Janeiro
    – Cairo
    – Melbourne
    – Deception Island

Travel if you have the budget and the time as it is the best way to unwind and free yourself from the strangles of your routine life.

Live. Laugh. Love. Explore.


01/23 – Day 61: BFF

I am happy to spend my late night walking along Lacson Street with my best buddy/BFF. Since we walked for more than a kilometer we decided to stopped by to a nearest coffee shop and had my favorite iced caramel macchiatto. We spent almost an hour talking about life and how we learn from all of our experiences may it be good or bad. I know that most of the time I am the barkada’s resident psychotic/joker/addict/whatever but that night, I was just simply being the other side of the real me. I can be serious, indeed. It happens on very rare occasions as most people think I am just plainly stupid and vulnerable but the truth is, I can talked about intellectually stimulating things all night long especially if I am with the best people to talk and banter with. Sometimes all you need is someone who is willing to listen and share his own thoughts about your weaknesses and greatness to know more about your capability as an individual and to remind you that you are amazing no matter what.

Friends see your potentials and praise you with all the good things that you have done but only true friends can know if there is something going on even if you don’t tell them as they will just simply looked in your eyes and tell you that there is indeed something bothering you.

I am glad to have great people as my core friends whose friendship had been tested already years after years. Greggy is the best confidante ever. He listens every time and I owe him a lot for listening to my random rants and whines about how my life has been going on, my failed love stories, my frustration on my career and my dreams that I need to sacrifice for my family. Before the drama starts, I just want to tell the world that I have awesome friends and the best BFF in the whole wide world!

No matter what happens, no man can survive his problems alone. Life is awesome because of people who sticks with you through good times and bad, some come and go, some may leave traces and some are lost forever but what matters most are the insights you acquired along the way with them. Thank you friends for being with you, today I celebrate friendship! ๐Ÿ™‚

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01/21 – Day 59: Bacolaodiat 2012

It’s been a busy week and I was not able to post some daily pictures but then it’s better to be late than never, right?

Anyways, I was able to enjoy my last weekend because my best friend came home from Cebu and I was able to hang out with my best buddies — Crackbang barkada. It was my BFF’s birthday so we celebrated that day by simply enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I decided to be a stranger in a familiar place, trying to appreciate more the sight that I always see every day and of course enjoying one day away from work.

Lacson Street in Bacolod is one of the famous street in Negros Occidental. It is a tourism strip where all the hip clubs, posh restaurants, famous hotels, stores and coffee shops are located. Strolling and chilling with friends the whole afternoon until midnight is the best way to spend my weekend.

Bacolaodiat is the Negrense’s way of celebrating Chinese New Year. Lanterns are everywhere, food and drinks all over and people are merry making all night long — t’was a fun filled weekend indeed. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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01/20 – Day 58: After Effects

Creepy after effects

I was minding my own business and trying to check Twitter and Facebook today when I decided to take a sneak peek on our window and see what’s going on outside and there I saw the picturesque beauty of the surroundings all in yellow orange. Oh that lomo feel in reality! I tried to go outside, brought my camera and tried to capture some sky drama as what I called it earlier.

The after effects of the sunset is so beautiful. Sadly, I can only appreciate it in rare occasions as I am just too busy that I didn’t notice it; I am at work and busy chatting with my customers and resolving their concerns; or I am just plainly sleeping at home. I was happy seeing the sky so beautiful today and also the melancholic effect of our neighbor’s dead tree that put too much drama in this snapshot. Next week, I will be back in the night shift. I don’t know if I am happy or sad. I don’t really love mornings but for the past 3 months, I appreciated the view of Mt. Kanlaon at the 3rd floor Pantry especially if the sun is at its peak of shining, I loved how the sun hurts my eye and skin while I am riding the bus and how I adore those flowers blooming near the street as I walked to the nearest bus stop. Mornings are really beautiful and going back to being a nocturnal creature is indeed bittersweet.

Oh yes, I love you Mr. Sun… and I realized that even if you already set you still leave a trace of a beautiful memory wherein, I as a person will still look forward to your rise and embrace the darkness with a smile because I know that tomorrow will be another day whether you smile or hide behind those crazy clouds.

Another day has ended, beautifully.

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01/19 – Day 57: Candy Dreams


“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Wilde

I am a daydreamer.

You can caught me staring into the nothingness once in a while as my I go to a world where all things are running smoothly and according to my plan – my own perfect world.

In reality, I never stopped chasing my dreams. I never resist the flow of life, I always choose to be positive and open my mind and eyes to see each opportunities that may come my way.

I choose to name this blog entry as Candy Dreams because all of my dreams are colorful — or because I just have nothing sensible in my mind as of the moment.

I am looking forward in the end wherein I can see that after all the jaded days comes the realization of my dreams and that all the pain will be worth it.

Life is good, never stop dreaming.