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12/17 – Day 24: One Day

Twenty Years. Two People. One Day.

In our life, we meet different people. Some become our friends, some well, they are just another stranger that comes in and out of our life and there is one that can change the course of our existence and just happened because of fate.

One Day is a movie adaptation from David Nicholls novel of the same name.

Dexter and Em are merely acquaintances. They spend the night together after their college graduation and been in touch with each other whether they are together or not every 15th of July. I don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t watched it yet but it is a good love story. It can happen in real life though.

Having a guy friend, a best friend to be exact wherein you can share every ups and downs of your life is one amazing thing that can happen in a girl’s life. I do have guy friends, share some stuffs with them, being cool without any emotional attachment but I can say that as you become closer with each other you cannot help but appreciate the person on a different light. You develop feelings may it be mutual or not. There are times you realized it when it is already too late or rather deny it because you just don’t want to ruin your friendship.

Em and Dexter shared a crazy love story. It is not a typical boy meets girl who had sex and they end up together. As years pass by, their friendship become stronger and deeper. He shares most of his ups moments to her and calls her when his world crash. She has always been the good friend who listens and gives him advices. Eventhough he may not be the best friend in the world, he believes in her dreams of becoming a writer. Dexter became a television presenter who hooks up with several women and drinks and party the night away.

Em made him a better man and in return, he makes her happy. I believed she already fall for him after they spent the night together. Dex on the other hand appreciated Em more when she’s already dating someone. Both were secretly longing and inlove with each other.

Overall, the movie is good. I can’t say it is great but it made me cry and believed that great relationships starts with friendship. 🙂

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