12/04 – Day 11: Million Volunteer Run

Run for Humanity
Run for Humanity

“How far can you run for humanity? At around 6am earlier this morning, Red Cross volunteers from various walks of life painted the streets of Lacson red as they run for humanity. It was a successful and heartwarming event. Seeing thousands of people doing something for a cause is really overwhelming. I realized that it’s been 9 years that I am part of this worldwide organization and been an active volunteer for the past 7 years. I have developed my leadership, first aid and basic life support skills because of Red Cross. I realized that I did not quit no matter how hard it was to juggle both extra curricular and my academics back in college so as in high school. I find it amusing how some people think I have a degree in Nursing because I am associated with Red Cross and in the school where I came from, nursing students dominate the Red Cross Youth Council. Before, my goal is to set a difference that even if my course is far from the medical field, I can still be the president and I am not quite sure if I am indeed the first ComSci student who became USLS – CRCY Council president for 2 consecutive years in the history of Red Cross Youth in La Salle Bacolod. A big chunk of how I lead and who I am today is because of Red Cross. Thanks for everything… and in my heart I will still be a proud Red Cross Volunteer because there is no noble heart than a heart of a volunteer. Amongst all the work that I have done and been associated with — this is the organization that made me happy and fulfilled. Our term is about to end and because of the nature of work I am in right now, I was not able to maximize my time and need to sacrifice some RCY activities to focus more at work and of course be sane and healthy. I regret the times I was not there to help but I appreciate the understanding and the friendships. Go Chapter Youth Council 2010-2012 — 3 months to go and it’s all over, mixed emotions. 🙂 😦 ”

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