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12/02 – Day 9: Artist Brush

I just missed playing around with water and poster colors. I just cannot help myself from buying two artist brushes because I badly missed how I play with it on a canvas or sketch pads. Sometimes, it seems I am missing a lot with my life due to lack of time because of work. If I have the choice, all I want is to travel, visit beautiful places, write about it, daydream under the sun, smile to strangers, live freely without worrying about anything. I know that it just happens in a perfect world but I just want to experienced bliss at some point in my crazy life.

I used my new brush for the cover of my scrapbook where I will try to jot down some of my goals both long and short-term ones, my crazy dreams and random awesome thoughts. I guess I am too depressed nowadays as I am trying to make a lot of outlets for my suppressed emotions. Falling in and out of love is just so hard but you will always have the option and I still choose to be happy and paint my life with awesomeness! Buy a brush — Paint and unleashed the hidden artist in you. You might be the next Van Gogh or Picasso. 😉

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