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12/27 – Day 34: Thank You

Finally a time to make use of the first page of my Sketch Pad. Amazing!

I just want to thank God for everything that have happened this year. I guess I’ll just have a separate post with regard to all of my thanks. This post is all about me finally making use of my hands after a while. I am not really good in freehand drawing and sketching as my interest is more on drafting, making of floor plans and scribbling. My mind usually works when I do some doodles on old notebooks, random papers and tissues. I have a strong fetish on good penmanship and typography is also one of my interest especially if I test my skills in graphic design software.

2012’s top new year’s resolution is “BE CREATIVE”.

Tweet from Paolo Coehlo:

2012: Be creative. Men only learnt how to fly when they stopped imitating birds.

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12/26 – Day 33: Angry Birds

Yes, it has been a craze lately. It is easy to download as an application to your phone and in Google Chrome. I was not a fan before but when I had my Android phone I tried to download it and I spent most of my nights playing Angry Birds Rio another version of the famous Angry Birds. I love hitting the monkeys than the pigs with huge heads. The music in Rio is also upbeat and festive. You can really feel the Brazilian hype. I am happy I decided to download it as it was really a fun and worthwhile game.

I never stopped until my phone’s battery usage reached to 100%. I know I am kind of a late bloomer in playing this game but as what the saying goes it is better late than never. I am glad I was able to play it and enjoyed all its different versions. It is not just a game as it also makes you think — a good way to enhance your logical side. Kudos to its makers, now I am a bit inspired to be a programmer once again.

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12/25 – Day 32: CHRISTmas

Today is HIS day.

Lord, you are my strength and my hope.
I cannot thank you more for the blessings and thanks for giving me the will to carry on no matter what burden I may have encountered in my existence.
I may not be a typical Christian but my faith in you is something that is more personal.
Today, people celebrates Christmas day but the question is do they celebrate for your glory or for their own. All I want is a peaceful Christmas which I have this year, less people, no extreme party and just a simple dinner at home. We don’t need a major celebration, what matters most is you remember the main reason why we exist.

I love you, Lord. You are the source of my awesomeness, the light and the hope in times of despair.

Happy Holidays to all, Enjoy Christmas Day! πŸ˜€

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12/24 – Day 31: Christmas Eve

It’s the time of the year again.

Tonight, I am just happy that I spent Christmas night at home and not at the office. Even if there is no major celebration, I am just happy being near the Christmas tree and watch the lights dancing to its own rhythm while I think about what my life went and some random things that have happened this year.

Thank you for the friends who never failed to be there for me no matter what and also to those who never failed to greet me in advance a Merry merry Christmas.

The best gift I have is just to be at home this Christmas Eve. I don’t need a major celebration, all I want is a moment where I can thank God for making me a blessing to others and for all the blessings he had given me. Each failure, I realized something significant that helped me in improving myself and knew more about my capacities.

There is actually a lot to be thankful for. The true spirit of Christmas is not about having an expensive dinner with your family or gifts, it’s about recognizing the true meaning of Christmas — it’s all about Christ, love and life. Love and enjoy what you have. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, for my supportive family and for friends who made my life amazing.

As what I have always been saying, Life is always awesome! It’s all about perspective. I may rant, whine or curse my job (as this is always been the source of my frustration, depression and failure) but I am still holding on for the belief that maybe, just maybe someday everything will make sense and if not I just hope that someday I may find the job that I will truly love.

Merry Christmas people! Don’t forget to pray… remember Christmas is not about you, it’s all about CHRIST.

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12/23 – Day 30: Chocolate Madness

This is my current favorite – Kitkat Chunky is always yummy.

If I ate chocolates and ice creams because of having a bad day at work then by the end of the month, I will be far for sure. T’was like series of days that I have been so pissed and hated my job because no matter what effort you exert, I still fall short of my goals. This is worst than passing my most hated subject back in college. Thank you for the discovery of this sweet stuffs that ease my frustrations and stress away.

Have a break, have a Kitkat indeed. πŸ™‚


12/20 – Day 27: Almost Complete Collection

Oh so it is Sam Milby!

I really love Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Cosmo is the upgraded version of my then favorite – Candy Magazine. I guess it suits my age this time as of course I am still young but no longer a teen. The articles are inspiring and helps you in releasing the fun and fearless woman within you. Every month, you look forward on what fab find the magazine has to offer.

Summit Media provides people the best companion. You can definitely have a magazine that will suit your personality and lifestyle. 2012 is fast approaching and I wonder who will be the next mystery guy.