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11/25 – Day 2: Reminiscing College Days

College Stuffs!

While cleaning my room earlier, I stumbled upon my old stuff in college and along with it are great memories of the past. I surely missed the sleepless nights in compiling a program, solving our assignments in several Math classes especially my least favorite subject which is integral calculus, those weird words such as pumping lemma, Perl, boolean algebra that only a Computer Science or related course can understand.Oh yeah those colorful index cards you’re seeing there are my notes during exam in Calculus. I created a lot since it is an open notes exam but then it was still useless — I passed the subject though but it’s a grade not worth bragging. There was too much drama before but I guess the real world is far more different. Isn’t it awesome when you still have those college stuffs and you see all the doodles in your notebooks and manuals because you were bored while in the middle of a class? All those club paperwork, yearbook tasks, Tuesday and Thursday meetings, weekend outreach activities and thesis cram — Damn, I miss college. I miss my friends. I miss my old stressful life.


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