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11/30 – Day 7: Going Nuts on a Donut box


I know it seems that I am having a big deal with this donut box it is because I also want to create 3D or vector like graphics design as part of my growth too in the world of digital arts rather than playing with various layers, font styles and photo manipulations. I just want my background to be firm in the field of graphic design for my future plans. I still consider myself a rookie and there will always be a room for major improvements. Experimenting on various color combination and working on different applications not just Photoshop. Oh yeah, the donuts were yummy and I got my own frosted glass! πŸ™‚

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11/29 – Day 6: Awesome Things at Half the Price

gladiators rawr

I am just so happy when I find this awesome gladiator sandals which I thought was so expensive that even if the price made me realize that I need to change some christmas shopping plans, I still decided to make the pair part of my shoe rack. Lady luck was on my side that day when I paid and realized that it was on sale and was able to purchased it with a 50% discount. It topped all the awesome things that happened that day.

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11/28 – Day 5: My 2011 Journal

Journal of Mine!

I still believe that it is best to keep a journal for us to jot down our dreams, aspirations, emotions and frustrations. There is still beauty in handwritten thoughts rather than seeing it online with different fonts. I started writing my random feelings way back in high school and that includes crazy poems, love sick thoughts, frustrations, bucket lists for the year, letters to God and so on… If I am bored, I reread those stuffs and laugh on how absurd it is, cry on memories that I explained in detail, smile on achievements that I had, frown on how stupid I am by falling inlove with the wrong one and feel inspired to write more. I don’t regret it though, it reminds me of how strong I am today because of what happened in the past may it be good or bad. Life is full of twists and turns and you will thank God for what you have become today. My journal reflects the real me, I am not saying I am fake but it is where I can just write about anything, lifting each burden to God and just like what the cover states — It is indeed my anchor of hope.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.”
— Proverbs 3:5

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11/27 – Day 4: Homemade Chocolate Drink

Choco choco yum!

For me, nothing beats a cold homemade chocolate drink before going to sleep. I just mixed those powdered drinks at home, chill at the living room and daydream until I realized that it is already 11:00pm and I need to go to bed because I have an 8:45am shift the next day. Oh well, try to mix and make that perfect blend and lurk unto the best spot in your home plus try to rethink what made your day awesome and smile. Life is indeed good and you don’t need to spend a lot. It’s the best way to end your day!


11/26 – Day 3: Fridge Favorite

Strictly for 18y/o!

It is a random pic though because I think it’s been a month that this two bottles are still chilling in our fridge and let’s give this two bottles a chance to be talked about somehow(lol). Nobody likes to drink lately and I am not even depress enough to open it and have a lone time moment at the living room. It’s my favorite though as I am not really a fan of beer. It is smooth and has a good kick compared to other cocktail drinks and one good thing is that it is affordable and best served below zero. Oh my it’s Saturday — It’s sooooo tempting to open one. πŸ˜‰

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11/25 – Day 2: Reminiscing College Days

College Stuffs!

While cleaning my room earlier, I stumbled upon my old stuff in college and along with it are great memories of the past. I surely missed the sleepless nights in compiling a program, solving our assignments in several Math classes especially my least favorite subject which is integral calculus, those weird words such as pumping lemma, Perl, boolean algebra that only a Computer Science or related course can understand.Oh yeah those colorful index cards you’re seeing there are my notes during exam in Calculus. I created a lot since it is an open notes exam but then it was still useless — I passed the subject though but it’s a grade not worth bragging. There was too much drama before but I guess the real world is far more different. Isn’t it awesome when you still have those college stuffs and you see all the doodles in your notebooks and manuals because you were bored while in the middle of a class? All those club paperwork, yearbook tasks, Tuesday and Thursday meetings, weekend outreach activities and thesis cram — Damn, I miss college. I miss my friends. I miss my old stressful life.



11/23 – Day 0: Jesus Never Fails



Without him, I may not have survived for the past 21 years of my life. No matter what pain or burden that comes into my life, my source of strength is the belief that God will never fail me in the end. I thank him for the gift of life and to him I share my glory. I guess he deserve to be the first post here as he always make each day of my life awesome.Β 

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Project 23

Project 23

This is it, I will try to update my blog regularly starting November 23.

Basically, my objective for this project is to document through snapshots my 365 days until I am 23 years old. I realized that even though you feel so blue there is still one thing that can make you smile at the end of the day and I want to capture that moment.

This project is fueled by passion, desire, determination and optimism. Yes, this is the story of my daily whereabouts. This is the story of my life — the bright side. Bear in mind that all is well. Smile. Life is too short to stress for. πŸ™‚